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J**k off fun in panties J**k off fun in panties
You find it particularly exciting when I order you to put on panties before you j**k off for me. That`s exactly what you can do today while wearing a plug in your ass and obeying my further orders. Full of gratitude you will of course also lick up your s***m at the end. j**k off instruction, j**k off instruction, lingerie, panties, thong, lingerie wearer, a**l, plug, sextoys, mistress, femdom, domina, dominant, mistress, education, JOI, j**koffinstruction, CEI, cumminginstruction, cum swallowing, fetish, POV, wetlook

J**k off fun in pa...
Mary_Jane (40)


crushing your eggs - POV dominant crushing your eggs - POV dominant
You looser have injected far too little for me, so now you have to reckon with the consequences - it`s your own fault .... .

crushing your eggs...
Slut-Nicole (55)

The mistress`s cleavage! The mistress`s cleavage!
You can only dream of being close to my cleavage!

The mistress`s cle...
fetisch_herrin (28)


House slaves j**k off House slaves j**k off
It`s cheeky what my house slave has done because he is h***y for me at night - the bastard just woke me up and got me out of my sleep - of course I`m annoyed and angry and as a punishment when he j**ks off next to me scratch his back and still give him a strict dominant j**k off instruction - but even the looser needs my help. but even to j**k off the looser needs my help and so I get him then a down and his slave cum out of the bag - well great he has me fully soiled my f****rs with his slave s***m the h***y pig

House slaves j**k ...
Slut-Nicole (55)

black and white cherry, latex black and white cherry, latex
im a dangerous woman and you know that. be afraid of get me mad. tell me what you like and how u want it. i like man that knows what they want, and what they like. kiss

black and white ch...
CherryAlekza (25)

Hot Hot
Different view of my body

Fuerdichda (27)


Go rich my armpits Go rich my armpits
Today you may - no - you should sniff my armpits - go ahead and do it properly so that you can j**k off to my scent - that`s not a request - that`s an order!

Go rich my armpits
Slut-Nicole (55)

Private Private
Here you can see some more private pictures of me

SassyNugget (32)

me me
I show myself as I am I only wear clothes from Shein and I like it when people give me presents I look forward to seeing you

Posion49 (48)


First he f**ks himself a**l and then I take over First he f**ks himself a**l and then I take over
First he f**ks himself a**lly and then I take over the thick d***o and f**k him a**lly until he s****ts

First he f**ks him...
PaarauchLive (40/42)

T*****e my girlfriend`s breast T*****e my girlfriend`s breast
She had never had real clamps on her breasts before, so I had to change that... I don`t think she found it that comfortable ?

T*****e my girlfri...
Erdbeers***ehot69 (23)

Lacquer Leather Lacquer Leather
I know you get weak when your mistress wears vinyl and leather!

Lacquer Leather
fetisch_herrin (28)

real c**k f**ks me a**l real c**k f**ks me a**l
Watch for 11 minutes as I get taken a**lly by a fat c**k in my favorite position: d***y! Don`t miss this ... it will help you to get really h***y my sweetie!

real c**k f**ks me...
terras_wildlife (29)


B***h punishment B***h punishment
My partner doesn`t appreciate that he has such a h***y b***h like me at home and gets really upset that I`m so naked in the kitchen and haven`t cleaned up - when he s***ks my ass with kohlrabi leaves I p**s off - all over the tiled floor in the kitchen - oh man does he get upset ....

B***h punishment
Slut-Nicole (55)


mmm h***y at Saturday Morning mmm h***y at Saturday Morning
I`m h***y from tomorrow, b*****b, d********t

mmm h***y at Satur...
H***yVicky (34/37)


Teen slave girl is used and humiliated Teen slave girl is used and humiliated
The slave is used and penetrated, she needs it otherwise she does not feel well. She has to suck, is beaten, f**ked and has to lick feet.

Teen slave girl is...
Slave_97 (26)

Do you like my breasts Do you like my breasts
I like it when my breasts are kneaded

Do you like my bre...
Sweety77 (46)


Tasks with pee, a**l, worn panties and vacuum cleaner Tasks with pee, a**l, worn panties and vacuum cleaner
Oh today I have come up with some really nice tasks for you again. I just love to instruct you and make your s***m boil in your c**k during the tasks with the Wix instructions.

Tasks with pee, an...
Dirty-Jade (43/52)


foreign c**ks are always hornier foreign c**ks are always hornier
Am once again quite mean - but honest - as I j**k my Ehecucki the tail - you want to know what I think about his dick? - then look at this clip in which I tell you uninhibited about my feelings - makes me just fun to humiliate him verbally ... .

foreign c**ks are ...
Slut-Nicole (55)


Ruined o****m - your own fault Ruined o****m - your own fault
Sometimes I am quite mean and dominant but fair - so I give him a cigarette length time to s****t while I j**k him off smoking and even take his stiff one in my mouth - but the looser does not make it in this time - well, chance had - chance missed I can only say .... .

Ruined o****m - yo...
Slut-Nicole (55)


First he was my slave, then I let two of them jack me up First he was my slave, then I let two of them jack me up
I also like to be dominant and tell the man what he has to do with me. If he does it well, I also make myself available to several men as a willing slave with whom they can do anything. I`m a h***y and shameless woman through and through, a real f**king wench!

First he was my sl...
Natalie-39 (48)

H***y d***y f**k H***y d***y f**k
Does it make you h***y to watch others f**k and do it yourself? My husband f**ked me really h***y d***y style.

H***y d***y f**k
H***y42MIlf (43)


An o****m for me An o****m for me
Enjoy it, enjoy it even more... Come on my wanker. J**k off, I want you to j**k off for me. I want you to have an o****m for me and then eat it. You have it so good that you j**k off for me... In the end you can enjoy your o****m with my naked breasts.

An o****m for me
sexyvenushuegel (37)


Serves me as a footrest Serves me as a footrest
Kneel down and let me put my feet on you, slave! Let`s see if you`re up to it. But maybe there is much more that can be done with you. Maybe you can make yourself useful in other ways and give me pleasure while I use you. I will quickly find out what kind of s********e servant you are and deal with you accordingly. Whether you want to live out your fetish, need consistent training or just want to be used as a loser, in the end it will come down to you giving your best and doing everything you can to please me. j**k off instruction, j**k off instruction, nylons, nylon pantyhose, pantyhose, nylon feet, feet, fetish, education, posing, close-ups, crop, countdown, POV, mistress, femdom, dominatrix, dominant, mistress

Serves me as a foo...
Mary_Jane (40)

Tattoo... Foot... Fetish lover Tattoo... Foot... Fetish lover
Be open to what is fun and enjoy your life. You only live once, use the time and enjoy the beautiful things and beautiful feelings in your one and only life.

Tattoo... Foot... ...

Mistress Mistress
Do you dare ? Do you want to play with me ?

RealShay (45)


First f**ked in the p***y and then my mouth First f**ked in the p***y and then my mouth
First he f**ked me from behind in the spoon position in the p***y my v******r was of course also used then he just f**ked my mouth

First f**ked in th...
Melissa_novic (23)

For my foot lovers For my foot lovers
Your lady`s feet skillfully staged. Elegant and stylish, I present you the feet of your wet dreams The sausage in your pants will grow and thrive. #feet #fetish #B**M #socks #lady #domina #lady #footfetish #slave

For my foot lovers
LadyDomisa (36)


My Cucki spit up on and vomited on My Cucki spit up on and vomited on
I feel like humiliating my house cuckoo and slave again - h***y as he is on me, he j**ks off his little cuckoo c**k in front of me and lets me spit in his face again and again and I also spit on his c**k - I think it`s cool what he lets me do to him and puts up with because he adores me so much and then cums from it the little pig

My Cucki spit up o...
Slut-Nicole (55)

Me on the cross Me on the cross
Whether tied up or not, it`s fun in any case. May I tie you up too?

Me on the cross
Geneviev (48)


LadyVickyFox - Dominant, F**ting-Be my Slave-Lack Edition LadyVickyFox - Dominant, F**ting-Be my Slave-Lack Edition
You want to be my slave? I will make your heartbeat run like a roller coaster. I am your beauty and you kneel and kiss my heels. OMG I know you are afraid of me, I am so eccentric and unpredictable :) I will make you hungry for me, then I will feed you with my luxury p***y and my tight ass. You kneel in front of me and can only watch as I satisfy myself wide-legged, with 5 f****rs deep into my p***y. You see how much fun it is for me to scream my o****m out loud and you? You`re kneeling and not allowed to do anything because you`re wearing a chastity belt. I will paint your body with my name VickyFox. You`ll be my sex toy and I`ll make you bounce. I will preach sin to you and you will kiss my heels. I am your blonde mistress and you are looking for redemption. Crass. I make you nervous and there is no other for you. I am a devil and you are my property! Have fun in my dark world.

LadyVickyFox - Dom...
Vicky_Fox (32)

Footjob with painted toenails Footjob with painted toenails
Feet with painted nails ❤️ for all foot fetishists. Looking forward to your feedback

Footjob with paint...
Lillyloo (30)

high heels high heels
High heels with & without nylons. Hold-up stockings in various colors

high heels
RealShay (45)


Pooch gets bowl Pooch gets bowl
Look what I`ve got for you, just for you alone, my little pooch. My friends will come over and I`ll fill the bowl with pee for you, but you mustn`t see the pee, because the pooch has to turn around. While you are licking out the bowl, more ideas for filling the bowl come up... hehe

Pooch gets bowl
sexyvenushuegel (37)

My little toy collection :) My little toy collection :)
There are many things you can play with here, let your imagination run wild ... .

My little toy coll...
Geneviev (48)


Make me proud - Take some c**k Make me proud - Take some c**k
It would be so great if you could finally tell me that you had c**k contact, that you finally dared to do it. It`s been in your head for so long, finally do it. I would be so proud of you.

Make me proud - Ta...
sexyvenushuegel (37)

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28 Years
My red hair says it all ...

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