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You wanker - I goddess You wanker - I goddess
You need me... You are weak... I want you to belong to me more and more...

You wanker - I god...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


Dominant wanking instructions on the microphone Dominant wanking instructions on the microphone
Listen to the dominant wanking instructions my wanker, keep to my beat.

Dominant wanking i...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


Slave telephone education Slave telephone education
Call Loser, as soon as you see that LadyAyse is active in the hotline, you will call! In addition to the chat and cam education you will also serve me on the phone. The slave phone education will make you really h***y, you will serve me unconditionally, listen to my sexy voice and carry out my orders! Listen to the rest in the clip and remember to call LOSER you are next!

Slave telephone ed...
LadyAyse (36)


Interval j**k off instructions for obedient slaves! Interval j**k off instructions for obedient slaves!
Generous as I am, you get the opportunity to practice a bit here... after all, I don`t want you to embarrass yourself when you come to me in the LiveCam! Be honest, have I ever been so nice to you? Your lady Eve

Interval j**k off ...
HotEve (53)

best sexy summermix ` 24 best sexy summermix ` 24
yes fully slipped into the nice outfits and voila there I am again in the hottest splendor * ^-^

best sexy summermi...
sweetMaya (45)


From now on you will be my a**l wanker! From now on you will be my a**l wanker!
So far you haven`t had much to do with a**l play, at most you`ve shoved something very small up your ass, but you could never understand how other guys are totally into it. Today I`ll show you how you can train that and end up being a passionate ass f**ker. If you don`t have any toys, that`s not dramatic, a little something in the kitchen and around the house will do the trick ;-) Go for it, turn your head off and become my little a**l wanker!

From now on you wi...
Anni_NextDoor (31)


Potatoes are for paying Potatoes are for paying
Oh how I love ripping off potato pay pigs, LadyAyse has been milking pay pigs for years. It`s obvious, the potatoes are there to pay the Turkish goddess. You go to work for me to come crawling to me again and again to be humiliated and pay nicely. I am extremely money-hungry and can never have enough.

Potatoes are for p...
LadyAyse (36)

Photo shoot in vinyl catsuit Photo shoot in vinyl catsuit
Photoshooting in hot location in vinyl catsuit. with damn hot high heels and beautiful ass poses

Photo shoot in vin...
Sternenstaub_1986 (37)


Become my work whore! Become my work whore!
Yes, at LadyAyse there is of course also work to do, which does not necessarily have to do with wanking and paying. You will make yourself useful in every way, there are no excuses. I`m happy to hand over work to slaves that a goddess like me just doesn`t feel like doing, that`s what you piggies are here for! Writing texts, editing pictures/videos and anything else I tell you to do. There`s always plenty to do with me, and you`ll make me happy, right away!

Become my work who...
LadyAyse (36)

Addicted to m*****bation Addicted to m*****bation
already put in handcuffs because I`m constantly playing around with myself and f****ring myself - it doesn`t help either - I still come to my cunt to f****r myself ...

Addicted to mastur...
Slut-Nicole (55)


Your wife was never reliable Your wife was never reliable
Now you have me and I always make him hard, you only need to think of me, then it tingles ... I want you to j**k off for me. You are so lucky to have found me and now to be able to experience the constant lust ... You don`t need it anymore, you have me my wanker - your goddess.

Your wife was neve...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


Lacquer lady splashes Lacquer lady splashes
H***y in a vinyl dress and nylons, I push my panties aside. I show you the plug in my tight ass and my h***y p***y. I take my toys, f**k myself and make myself s****t.

Lacquer lady splas...
Lolicoon (33)


Lesson with Kira for W***si Ralf Lesson with Kira for W***si Ralf
Goddess Anne has made an appointment for you with Kira... Let`s see if you make yourself and the next time you are with her you can see her bare ass.

Lesson with Kira f...
sexyvenushuegel (36)

Me Me
That is I don`t know what to write as a description except judgment itself

Kleinexoxo (30)


Main role - Feet Main role - Feet
For my foot fans, I`ve made the video you`ve been wanting for a long time. Here you can see my feet in all their glory, my nails are of course painted red. It`s a total eye-catcher. I love red nails. I also take a big dollop of cream and massage it all over my feet to make them glide beautifully. How you would love to stroke my little feet and slowly run one f****r after the other over your mouth, I know. Your c**k twitches at the sight of my little feet and you would love to cum. So cum.

Main role - Feet
LaLeticia (36)

Wetlook leggings Wetlook leggings
I stand there so much on these tight leggings.... you should feel!

Wetlook leggings
schnuckelchen04 (38)


A little game - wank into the KG A little game - wank into the KG
A little nasty game that will excite you... You can j**k off and decide which round you choose and thus the number of days you spend unsprayed in the p***s cage.

A little game - wa...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


S****z in 3 minutes! S****z in 3 minutes!
Today you will have to cum in 3 minutes after my hot countdown, which lasts exactly 3 minutes. How mean it is for you today to have to j**k off and s****t so quickly under time pressure, you slave cunt. You will not disappoint lady ayse and cum exactly on my go. In the video I am in sexy boots and h***y tight leather leggings because your c**k will get hard right away while watching Loser. Without saying much, it starts right away, you will now perform this h******e j**k-off instruction to my satisfaction and then report to me in Messenger that you have cum exactly on my command in 3 minutes!

S****z in 3 minute...
LadyAyse (36)

Red and black Red and black
cool feeling to wear the miniskirt made of lacquer

Red and black
g***ereiterin80 (43)

news from me news from me
something new for you hope you like it

news from me
g***ereiterin80 (43)


Only humiliation will make you s****t! Only humiliation will make you s****t!
Your miserable loser c**k just gets h***y when you are humiliated hard, just like a loser c**k like you needs it! With LadyAyse you get the best humiliation you piggy can imagine. I am the extreme h***y brain f**ker that you won`t forget so quickly. I am what you need so that you slave whore can s****t at all, the harder the better for you. Now let`s get started loser hollow out what you need!

Only humiliation w...
LadyAyse (36)


J**k-off puppet may j**k off - always until before J**k-off puppet may j**k off - always until before
The most beautiful thing in the world for me to j**k off, the most beautiful thing is to j**k off and come exactly as and when I want it ... Have fun and hang in there, then the s***m tastes best.

J**k-off puppet ma...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


Fancy Speech - J**k off together for me Fancy Speech - J**k off together for me
With light and sound effects, we j**k off together for me... My hand moves in j**king movements and animates you to j**k off together with me for me. You are greedy and willing, get yourself more and more pure ... I want it that way my wanker.

Fancy Speech - Jer...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


Be my spittoon Be my spittoon
Mouth wide open and t****e out, you have the honor to catch my divine saliva you spittoon... But it will also land on you... You will find it wonderful...

Be my spittoon
sexyvenushuegel (36)

Lacquer and leather Lacquer and leather
Vinyl and leather, with a touch of nothing. Suspenders and stockings

Lacquer and leather
Saida (35)


W***sdieners day at the heel W***sdieners day at the heel
In three stages, you will see this video and in between enjoy this wonderful feeling of being allowed to kneel again soon... To j**k off for me and repeat my sentences until you can make your cum heap a countdown in the evening.

W***sdieners day a...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


Slave erotic teaser! Slave erotic teaser!
As you slave surely know, there is no sex or p**n movies for you, but I have very good news for you in the video, there is the h***y erotic slave erotic teaser for you. So extremely h***y for you, that`s almost too much for your slave mind, I make you extremely h***y in the hot teaser clip. My big hot tits my extremely sexy curves make your slave c**k more than hard, and with that I promise you not too much slave look at it yourself and lose your mind!

Slave erotic tease...
LadyAyse (36)

Where are the foot lovers? Where are the foot lovers?
Do you like my cute little feet? I love it when you take good care of them, whether it`s foot massages, sucking or sucking

Where are the foot...
sweet_jolieee (20)


Are you a s********e s****t? Are you a s********e s****t?
You dirty s****ting heads, come to me for the leather strap. I`ll strap your neck tightly together with the leather buckle. My best friend s***ks your slave ass. I press your face into my plump tits until I feel you gasp for air. And when you do, I`ll push you in even deeper. You`ll rarely be this close to your lady. Enjoy the sight of your Divine Lady. #lady #dirtytalk #lack #herrin #domina #slave #dominant #fantasy #gloves #fetish #roleplay #lack #overknee #boots #sexy #dicket****n #bigboobs #boobies #gerte #peitsche #s***ken #cbt #sm #btsm #d***t #dom #s***king #tt #f*****tting #sub #bottom

Are you a submissi...
LadyDomisa (36)

I`ll do what you tell me! I`ll do what you tell me!
Not this lollipop? So purely with the tomatoes in my cunt and this nice j**k off :-)

I`ll do what you t...
S***mahexe (53)


Lock up immediately! Lock up immediately!
Your slave c**k has now j**ked off enough, it`s time for you to lock up immediately while you watch the video. Your loose c**k is best kept in the chastity belt. I love being mean and I love my power especially when I lock your c**k up. You will relinquish control to me, your c**k is best kept with LadyAyse. As always, slaves are especially obedient when the c**k is in the KG! Your time has come now, don`t cry, lock up and send me a proof picture of the lock after you have watched the clip!

Lock up immediatel...
LadyAyse (36)

My hot patent heels My hot patent heels
and of course I`m wearing the matching one ;)

My hot patent heels
aphro (38)


OMG completely naked in front of the camera OMG completely naked in front of the camera
Our dear Dark Desire drops the covers in front of the camera for the first time... would you ever have thought that she would dare to do that?

OMG completely nak...
Amateur-Agent (28/31)


No p***y for losers! No p***y for losers!
You f**k loser dream of getting a p***y, f**king, licking? What else do you dream of, you loser, there`s no such thing for you, you can make it up, no p***y for losers like you understood! You have to leave it to the right men to get a p***y. For you slave pig, humiliation and education by LadyAyse is better for your loser c**k than the hottest p**n!

No p***y for loser...
LadyAyse (36)


Finally sign the Blackmail contract! Finally sign the Blackmail contract!
Come on, you blackmail victim, you`re finally going to sign the blackmail contract, what are you waiting for, it`s about time! So far you`ve been brain-f**king and fantasizing about it, it`s time to finally turn it into reality with this video. I keep saying there is no turning back, now is your time you slave pig, your blackmail c**k will finally let you buy the clip and then get so h***y that you will sign the contract immediately afterwards! Then there will be no turning back forever my Blackmail victim!

Finally sign the B...
LadyAyse (36)

Lacquer and leather Lacquer and leather
Chubby figure pressed in red vinyl

Lacquer and leather
Schlags***e27 (32)

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